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This is the second batch of tweets that I have been allowed to share. My project is simple, I am gathering all of the frustrated Bank of America Clients’ Tweets into one place, to be published in a book that will help a charitable cause. I used to be a 13 year employee of Bank of America, so a lot of the tweets will be mostly at BofA, but I encourage any clients of a large bank to share their frustrations for a good cause.

My name is James B, and I want to tell you that THE BANK SCREWED US!!!


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Different , Same story – prime afternoon time, Friday, only ONE teller, incredibly frustratingly long wait just to deposit $.



Why am I unable to close my accounts online through my online banking? I am out of footprint and can’t go to a banking center, and can’t call.


Note: A Wells Fargo One…


Wells Fargo in Albertsons off of Eastern and Warm Springs in Las Vegas is a fucken joke. Unprofessional and instead of looking for solutions by trying, they were eager to say “can’t”



First, tells me I can’t use my card because of suspicious activity. Won’t let me verify through app AND makes me wait 30 minutes to speak to someone. Trash.


Poor branch customer service. Shortage of employees and the few ones they have are rude and not pleasant whatsoever
Bank of America has possibly the worst customer service, and this is coming from someone who also has Wells Fargo, Chase, and American Express.
Mad Sam
I unwittingly ordered paper statements online for an account I was planning to close. Just needed a few years but it was simple to just request the entire account history. Suddenly I got whacked with close to $400 in fees. You had to expand a tab on fees to see the cost.
Kimberly M
shout out to for holding my check, for ten days, after being solicited to join their bank. Regular paycheck, super thanks guys. So happy, that was than a week before Thanksgiving, you decide to withhold my money from my job, and can’t pay bills now 0/10
Chris Irwin
Still here. 2 tellers walk away from windows for approvals or whatever. Line has 12 people now. No one offering to help people in line. Worst I’ve ever seen. Time to change banks
James S
Got an email from that I need to rotate credit cards because of “a compromise at an undisclosed merchant”. Why is it OK not to disclose? When will it be disclosed? How can I make informed choices as a customer?
Big Bad Wolf
Bank of America CEO’s salary was 250 times that of average employee
big thanks to you guys for holding 80% of my paycheck for an absurdly long time. I have bills due this week but I guess you guys don’t care about that. I’ll be cancelling my account. Fuck corporate banks.
Tracy A
Hey how about a little heads up if someone bounces a check to me?? No…just take $12 out of my account. Good thing I don’t live paycheck to paycheck….or were you just looking for another money grab?
Randy P
thank you for ruining my children’s Thanksgiving the money has been released into my account and your manager told me it’s there but you are still holding it till the 29th hope you feel good about yourself Bank of America thank you for ruining my kids Thanksgiving

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