The Bank Screwed US Book Project

My vision is to make sure that every customer complaint, no matter how insignificant, are heard. Here's the thing, working at a bank for 13 years, there are so many things happening at the retail bank now that are atrocious. The problem is that maybe 1 out of 100 complaints never make it out of the branch to a regional executive to get aresolution.

Banks who have managed social media are helpful in getting someone to listen, but they carry almost no authority to help you out. They still want you to call or visit a branch, where that person may not be as helpful. Banks offer online surveys, but when you rate them bad, they will have a meeting with the branch about the bad reviews, say "We need to get better" and...they don't get better. I know. I was there for that.

If the bank doesn't want to hear you out, I can guarantee you the American public does want to hear you. We all love to complain, and rightfully so. The American public suspect that their bank is awful at customer service, and TheBankScrewed.US is here to network people together to confirm their suspicions.

With the page, there will be an opportunity to share your horror stories with the website for publishing on a future blog post and on social media.

Here's the kicker: Every 150-250 pages of text that is gathered from customer complaints will be gathered to create an anthology of books that will detail nothing but Retail Banks horrible customer service.

I will format it to be available in eBook or Paperback form. My commitment is that I will give back. Half of all net royalties of the book purchases will go towards charities that either find housing for low-income families or single parent families. Whether it's a donation to Habitat for Humanity or another worthy charity, I will give back. The other half will be to operate this site, and my sister sites helping the consumer at a high level.

My calling is calling out banks, because I lived it, I was a part of it, I saw things I didn't like, and now it's time to speak. You have the power, America. I am here to guide you to a better banking experience, and a chance to vent to the world why The Bank Screwed US.

James Baca

Creator, TheBankScrewed.US

Meet the Creator

The man who loves finance, banking, and helping people now has an independent voice where he can help without the micromanagement of Giant Bank Bean-Counters!


James Baca

13 Year Retail Bank Employee


I created TheBankScrewed.US mainly because it felt like when I was working for a large bank, I was the only one working his tail off to get things done. I was proud of my job, and the advice that I gave... a sentiment not felt anywhere else in that company.

My mission: To expose those workers who either don't care, or their bosses have micromanaged them to the point of not caring. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and any big bank better watch out, because we will collectively have a voice soon.