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This is the first batch of tweets that I have been allowed to share. My project is simple, I am gathering all of the frustrated Bank of America Clients’ Tweets into one place, to be published in a book that will help a charitable cause. I used to be a 13 year employee of Bank of America, so a lot of the tweets will be mostly at BofA, but I encourage any clients of a large bank to share their frustrations for a good cause.

My name is James B, and I want to tell you that THE BANK SCREWED US!!!


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November 1-November 20th


GIRL YES. BANK OF AMERICA SOME SCAMMERS. I had to pay $5 for a new debit card now they telling me checkbooks are $25



198 N Alma School Rd on my trip eliminating drive up service to a mostly elderly demographic in that area, making them walk up to an atm where it’s near a busy parking lot or go inside, where one teller will make the wait seem forever.



I do! I’m actually in a BofA branch today closing all accounts after they stole over $500 from me. I’m a teacher and have banked here since age 17.



charging 3% on all intl transactions, which means almost all internet ones! Do yourself a favor, ditch them for or or or who do not! As consumer, how am I supposed to know banks in Singapore and I owe 3% extra?!?


I hate Bank of America for charging overdraft fees and maintenance fees even thou I’m a college student hahahaha



Say what u need for yr testimonies! For 4+ months I’ve been trying to close my SMALL savings acct! They put administrative BS in my way, ignore explicitly written closure directives and keep nibbling away at my balance with their bloody monthly “SERVICE (?) fees”!



do you know what I could do with 12 dollars but no you gotta take it out cause you suck. Like what the fuck. I’m not rich bitch.



Just got back from bank. They said that should’ve cleared the cashiers check after verifying its validity which should’ve been done on the overnight. I will be closing my account after 20 years once the hold releases.



So – you take out the drive up windows and leave ONE drive up ATM. Then have only two tellers working inside? Fees keep going up and service going down.



Bank of America you guys are thieves period and the people that work at your branches are slow as fuck !!!!!



although we have been loyal customers for years… I am now questioning. We were hit directly by Hurricane Florence and it cost our household quite a bit. We contacted you about lowering the credit card interest rate and were told you could do nothing for us.

Note: This person was told by Bank of America to speak with NC Gov. Roy Cooper about lowering her card interest. Yes, the governor of a state.



Bank of America really cancelled my debit card without me knowing good thing I had my credit bc I would’ve been stuck af



how shameful, I just heard you charged a young girl displaced by the Camp Fire in Paradis, CA to cash a check she received. No she doesn’t bank with you, yes the check was written from a BOA account. Not even a sorry you lost your home. Where’s your compassion???

This upset me. Bank customers of Bank of America were being helpful and generous to victims of those horrible fires in California, only to have Bank of America thumbprint them and charge them $8 for that donation check. I notified the local media in Chico, CA after this.


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